Top 10 Best Sold NFT Memes


Top 10 Best Sold NFT Memes

As time goes on, NFTs become more widely accepted amongst the public. Seems like every day you see several articles published about NFTs and how they are changing the market. To many, NFTs are gibberish and just another technological fad; this is not the case as the baseline technology becomes more prevalent in mainstream institutions.

Slowly, the world is learning about this technology and merging it into other industries. You see this technology changing artwork into digital collectibles outside of professional financial institutions. These pieces of art may also be known as Memes.

Memes have become mainstream within the past two decades and seem to keep engraving themselves deeper into our culture.

Here are a few Top 10 Stunning, Mind-blowing original copy memes you may recognize that have been converted and sold as NFTs.

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1. Side Eye Girl:

This meme came about in 2013 with the intended use of showing skepticism via photo. Recently the meme was auctioned off for $74,000. A Dubai-based music production company bought it.

The NFT of Side Eyeing Chloe, also popularly known as Side Eye Chloe, is a photoshop meme based on a screen capture of a concerned-looking little girl named Chloe in a YouTube video of two children reacting to their parents' announcement of a surprise trip to Disneyland that went viral in September 2013.

The first photoshopped photo was originally posted on Tumblr and has been reposted on many other social media platforms. Since then, "Side Eye" has become a meme used to express sarcasm, skepticism or disbelief at something or someone's comments or actions.

2. Nyan Cat:

A pixelated digital graphics interchange format (GIF) of a rainbow cat floating through space. Many have seen this Cat as they scroll through social media since 2011. And now, as an NFT that has sold for a whopping $647,472.

According to its creator Chris Torres, the design of Nyan Cat was inspired by his pet car Marty, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He has remastered the image for its 10th anniversary to be auctioned as an NFT.

Several NFT collectors and cat lovers joined the bidding, but an anonymous user identified only by a cryptocurrency wallet number acquired Nyan Cat for 300ETH.

3. Success Kid:

If the other two NFT memes don't ring a bell, the success kid will. This meme consists of a toddler grasping a handful of sand to serve as an "inspirational" photo, often accompanied by a motivational quote. Success Kid sold for $32,355.75, a good start to a college fund.

The success kid meme is one of the most popular NFT memes on the internet, and for a good reason. The success kid meme consists of a young boy holding up a handful of sand with one hand and a determined facial expression.

The famous meme originated when his mom Laney Griner's attempted to take a photo of her 11-month-old son named Sam. Later, it was circulated on the web, accompanied mainly by inspirational quotes or captions related to success.

4. Disaster Girl Meme:

Disaster Girl meme NFT - the photo featuring Zoë Roth, popularly known as Disaster Girl, sold her iconic image for $473,000.

The Disaster Girl meme, which is basically converted to an NFT, has been sold at a Foundation auction. The winner is an NFT collector identified as @3Fmusic for over 180 Ethereum, with valued at around US$500,000.

Who can forget the Disaster Girl memes? It is considered one of the most famous memes of all time after it went viral in 2005 and made its way into popular culture. It all started when a girl named Zoë Roth, aged four at that time, was photographed by his father in front of a burning house with firefighters taking control of the fire in Mebane, North Carolina.

The image was submitted to JPG magazine as an entry and was selected for an "Emotion Caption" competition, gaining over 95,000 views. Then spread across Buzzfeed, and Digg and became more mainstream when people began posting it on other sites and social media accounts.

5. Doge:

The most iconic meme of an excited Shiba Inu named Kabosu, known as 'Doge,' breaks the record again as the most expensive NFT meme ever sold for S4 million.

The meme was first put up for auction by Atsuko Sato, the owner of Kabosu. After a few days of the bidding war, @pleasrdao won the auction and placed a willing bid of 1,696.9 Ethereum, worth approximately $4 million.

Sato posted the photo of Kabosu in 2010, who loves having her picture taken and has been a popular internet meme since its inception.

6. Charlie Bit My Finger NFT:

Charlie Bit My Finger' Is Leaving YouTube After $760,999 NFT Sale ... The original video of a baby biting his brother's finger.

Anyone can remember the video of a baby biting his brother's finger that was uploaded in 2007 and has been viewed more than 4 billion times. But the family behind this famous 14-year-old clip decided to be sold as an NFT.

The NFT winner will be "the sole owner of this lovable piece of internet history," according to the family's site for the auction. In addition to owning the "soon-to-be-deleted YouTube phenomenon," the buyer will "have the opportunity to create their own parody of the video featuring the original stars, Harry and Charlie." After the auction, the boys' dad Howard Davies Carr announced that 'Charlie Bit My Finger' will not be taken down. The winner of the auction decided to keep the video on Youtube.

Davies-Carr told tech-news site Quartz. "The buyer felt that the video is an important part of popular culture and shouldn't be taken down. It will now live on YouTube for the masses to continue enjoying as well as memorialized as an NFT on the blockchain."

7. Bad Luck Brian NFT meme:

The famous schadenfreude meme "Bad Luck Brian" that was popular in 2012 has been sold as a piece of crypto-art for $36,000.

The auction winner identified as @a will have a digital signature, or proof of ownership, inscribed on the blockchain data for this schadenfreude Bad Luck Brian photo. The subject of the "Bad Luck Brian" meme—whose real name is Kyle—shot to fame after an awkward yearbook photo of him went viral in 2012.

8. Grumpy Cat NFT meme:

The authenticated non-fungible token edition of "Grumpy Cat," a 2012-era internet meme, has been sold for more than $80000.

The sale represents the first time a digital asset has been sold for such a price at auction.

Grumpy Cat is a New York Times best-selling author, the star of her own Lifetime Christmas movie, and the first Cat in history to be honored with Madame Tussaud's wax figure.

9. Leave Britney Alone NFT meme:

The viral 'Leave Britney Alone' Video Sold for USD 44,000 as NFT. Internet personality and content creator Chris Crocker said the buyer would "own a part of internet & pop culture history.

Leave Britney Alone is a popular YouTube video by Chris Crocker, a 21-year man living in Tennessee, who made the video shortly after the incident at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

The video went viral and was watched over 9 million times on YouTube. In it, he said: "Leave Britney alone."

In April 2021, the NFT Leave Britney Alone meme sold for USD 44,000 as an NFT. The buyer will "own a part of internet & pop culture history," said Chris Crocker on Twitter.

Crocker said he had been waiting for this moment for ten years, adding that he was excited to see more people buying NFTs from him in the future.

10. Overly Attached girlfriend meme:

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme sold for $411,000, joining the growing club of memes as NFTs.

Laina Morris, the Internet celebrity who became famous after her Overly Attached Girlfriend meme went viral, sold a tokenized version of the meme for 200 ETH ($411,000) with the help of the creator of Nyan Cat, the man whose childhood face is popularly shared as Bad Luck Brian. The buyer is 3F Music, a Dubai-based music studio whose NFT collection includes the NYT meta-NFT and other memes such as Bad Luck Brian.

It's no surprise that meme culture is thriving on social media platforms. If you are the original creator of a viral meme, maybe you could expect a nice payday in the not-too-distant future. If you plan to convert your meme into NFTs, you can message us or call us for consultation – we'll do the tough job and hassle for you. We will transform ideas or memes into NFTs and beyond for you.