Sold NFT Memes That You Know


Sold NFT Memes That You Know

As time goes on, NFTs become more widely accepted amongst the public. Seems like every day you see several articles published about NFT’s and how they are changing the market. To many NFTs are gibberish and just another technological fad; this is not the case as the base line technology becomes more prevalent in mainstream institutions. Slowly, the world is learning about this technology and merging it into other industries. Outside of professional financial institutions you see this technology changing artwork into digital collectables. These pieces of art may also be known as Memes. Memes have become mainstream within the past 2 decades and they seem to keep engraving themselves deeper into our culture.

Here are a few original copy memes you may recognize that have been converted and sold as NFTs.

Data for NFT memes came from Tim Marcin at

Side Eye Girl: This meme came about in 2013 with the intended use of showing skepticism via photo. Recently the meme was auctioned off for $74,000.

Nyan Cat:A pixelated digital graphics interchange format (GIF) of a rainbow cat floating through space. Many have seen this cat as they scroll through social media or now as an NFT that has sold for a whapping $647,472.

Success Kid:If the other two NFT memes don’t ring a bell, the success kid definitely will. This meme consists of a toddler grasping a handful of sand to serve as a “inspirational” photo, often accompanied with a motivational quote. Success Kid sold for $32,355.75, a good start to a college fund.

If you are the original creator of a viral meme, maybe you could expect a nice payday in the not-too-distant future.